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African food

The one stop shop for your African food. Visit us and have a taste of Africa.

yes we are ready to take your orders, Please give us 24hrs to prepare your food. Our African food comes in 8 qrt regular sized pans or 4 qrt  sized pans. 

 Just in case you are a young professional, or bachelor who loves African food but do not have the luxury of time to prepare these meals, Give us a call . We have a menu plan that will fit your budget for the week with different African food and sauces.

The Prices below is for 8 qrt whole tray size, 4 qrt will be the half of that. Prices are subject to change depending on the choice of protein used or added

Jollof Rice  $70

Fried Rice $85 ( shrimps and mixed vegetables)

Coconut Rice  $80

Rice and Beans $60

Egusi soup $90 (Tripe, african shrimp, shredded stockfish, etc)

Efo riro( Spinach soup) $90 ( Tripe,african shrimp, shredded stockfish

mionmoin $90

Fried Tilapia with sauce $100

Stewed beef $170

Stewing Hen $75

American chicken  $75

Fried Plantain $80

Yam porridge $80

Okro soup  $80

Ogbono soup $80

Edikan ikong $85

Bitterleaf soup $80

Fried Goat meat with sauce $180

Pounded yam $0.75 per wrap

Curry chicken $85

Curry Goat $100

Peanut soup $80

Banga Soup $ 80